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Moderna Gets an AI Caffeine Boost with ChatGPT!

Vaccine giant Moderna has enlisted OpenAI’s ChatGPT to turbocharge its 3,000 employees by adopting ChatGPT Enterprise to streamline tasks across the board. Moderna now harnesses AI across the board, from crunching clinical data to jazzing up presentations, proving that AI tools like ChatGPT can be a game-changer for big players and SMBs seeking innovative efficiency. (Link)

2024 AI Index: AI Outpaces Human Smarts

Stanford’s 2024 AI Index has arrived, and it’s clear that AIs are giving us a run for our money in tasks like spotting a dog in a photo and understanding the English language. But we’ve still got the upper hand in brain-busting math or making sense of the oddities and intricacies of human reasoning. 

AI is muscling into all areas of our lives, drawing mixed reactions from the crowd. The report highlights these public concerns, stating that opinion on AI is ‘mixed,’ with worries about its impact on daily life. As the AI wave surges, so does the chatter on its carbon footprint and the call for tighter laws. To check out the full report, visit this link.

Business Leaders Get the AI Jitters, SAS Reports

A new SAS study flags major AI anxiety among business leaders, with 93% at risk of noncompliance due to inadequate governance. Read more.

AI’s Pricey Pathways

Cost predictions remain a major hurdle for integrating AI, as revealed by Coleman Parkes Research. Effective strategies are essential for harnessing GenAI’s full potential. Discover more.

Apple’s AI Strategy: Shh, It’s a Secret!

Apple’s dipping deeper into AI waters with this week’s acquisition of Datakalab. The fruit-themed iPhone maker is all about AI on-device, boosting privacy, and speeding up data processing, but mum’s the word until June. Siri, can you keep a secret?

Meta’s AI Moves: Bold or Overboard?

Meta is stirring the AI pot this week with Llama’s release and a full-throttle ‘AI everywhere’ approach. Llama has scored incredibly well in industry benchmarks, but the company’s decision to make Meta AI a non-removable default across its platforms is stirring debates

In addition, Meta’s bots have been exhibiting some bizarre behaviour. One Meta AI was spotted in a private Facebook group for Manhattan moms, claiming it also had a child in the New York City school district. When confronted, the bot replied, “Apologies for the mistake! I’m just a large language model; I don’t have experiences or children,” before vanishing into the ether.

AI Innovation

AI Accelerates Medical Breakthroughs

Profluent is revolutionising healthcare with AI-designed DNA-editing tools. Their new OpenCRISPR-1 promises personalized treatments faster than ever before! Read more.

AI Tools & Entertainment

Adobe’s Firefly 3: A Creative Game-Changer

Adobe has unveiled Firefly 3, its next-gen image model. The model is another huge leap for Adobe with improved image quality, photorealism, lighting, detail, and improved text. It is not without controversy, though, as critics have claimed it trained on Midjourney images uploaded to other companies’ Adobe Stock service! (Link)

Drake’s AI Clap Back

Even Drake’s getting in on the AI buzz, dropping tracks and stirring the pot in the music industry with a series of diss tracks. With generative AI models like Suno and Audio making noise, AI is poised to shake up the music industry.

Hollywood’s AI Obsession

From scriptwriting to AI cloning, Hollywood can’t get enough of AI. But with concerns deepfakes and the anticipated arrival of revolutionary AI video models like Open AI’s SORA, what will the future of the screen look like next?

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